Yellow Medicine County Family Service Center’s adoption program works primarily with children who have been involved in the child protection system. Our initial goal is to reunify children with their biological parents. In the event that this does not or cannot occur and there are no relatives able or appropriate to make a long term commitment to the child(ren), the parents’ rights to the child(ren) are terminated and the child(ren) become(s) a State Ward. The agency then seeks out a permanent family for the child through adoption. It is our goal to match the child with a family that is best able to meet the child’s individual needs and personality.


Children who need adoptive homes range in ages from birth to 18. Most children we work with are school aged and have experienced emotional, physical and/or sexual abuse. Some children have learning disabilities or developmental delays, are a sibling group to be adopted together, have had prenatal exposure to drugs and/or alcohol or may struggle with emotional/behavioral problems related to their experiences and who may require extra patience and care.


To begin the process of becoming an adoptive parent to a child, you will need to complete a home study. If you would like to have more information, contact Adoption Worker at 320-564-2211.