Finance & Administration

Plans, directs and coordinates the overall administrative and financial operations of the county government under the direction of the Board of Commissioners.


The county attorney is the legal advisor for the county board of commissioners, county officials and county departments. 

Property & Public Services

Responsible for a wide range of services relating to land records, property assessment, taxation, elections, vital statistics and non-motor vehicle type licensing.


Property Assessment is now a division within the Property & Public Services Department.  This division directs, plans and supervises the appraisal and recording of all property assessments within the County.



Property Records is now a division within the Property & Public Services Department.  This division is responsible for the acceptance and recording of all legal documents regarding real estate within the County.


The purpose of this department is to ensure that all drainage regulations are followed. 

Emergency Management

Create, maintain and implement the counties emergency management plan. 

Family Services

Providing quality services in partnership with our communities today…to promote a higher quality of life for tomorrow.

Highway Department

The Yellow Medicine County Highway Department is responsible for the maintenance and construction of 510 miles of County State Aid Highways and County Roads.

Information Technology

An internal County department responsible for all facets of technology in Yellow Medicine County.


Yellow Medicine County maintains two county parks that are open seasonally.

Land and Resource Management Office

This office is responsible for the administration and/or implementation of the planning, zoning and SSTS programs.




Restorative Justice

Circle Sentencing, Family & Community Circle and Circle of Hope.

Sheriff’s Office

The Sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer in the County.

Veteran’s Services

The mission of the Yellow Medicine County Veterans Service is to improve conditions for Yellow Medicine County veterans and their families.