County Directory

Finance & Administration
180 8th Avenue Granite Falls, MN 56241

Phone- 320-564-5841
Fax- 320-564-0927

Angie Steinbach                                                                    County Administrator
Dana Homan                                                                          Finance Manager
Ashley Soine                                                                          Human Resources
Jessica.Isfeld                                                                         Finance & Administration Deputy
Stacy.Keller                                                                            PPS/Fin & Admin Deputy
Amy Redepenning                                                                  PPS/Fin & Admin Deputy

Property & Public Services
180 8th Avenue Granite Falls, MN 56241

   Public Services
   Phone- 320-564-3132
   Fax- 320-564-0927

   Janel Timm                                                                          Property & Public Services Director

                                                                                                 County Recorder/Registrar of Titles  
   Amy Redepenning                                                    PPS/Fin & Admin Deputy
   Stacy Keller                                                                         PPS/Fin & Admin Deputy
   Tina Keller                                                                            Property & Public Services Deputy


   Property Records 
  180 8th Avenue Granite Falls, MN 56241

   Phone- 320-564-3132
   Fax- 320-564-0927

   Deb Blood                                                                            Property Records Lead

   Marit Nordang                                                                      Property & Public Services Deputy


   Property Assessment
   Phone- 320-564-3132
   Fax- 320-564-0927

   Brian Rosenau                                                                     Assessor 

   Jake Erickson                                                                     County Appraiser 
   Chad Doose                                                                         County Appraiser

415 9th Ave, Suite 101, Granite Falls, MN 56241

Phone- 320-564-5832
Fax- 320-313-3011

Mark Gruenes                                                                          County Attorney 

Tara Ulmaniec                                                             Assistant County Attorney                                          

Charles Paslawski                                                                  Assistant County Attorney
Jill Ross                                                                                   Legal Assistant

Ashley Raveling                                                                      Legal Assistant
Brenda Brusven                                                                      Legal Secretary
Linda Hagen                                                                            Victim Services Specialist

1000 10th Ave Suite 2 Clarkfield, MN 56223

Phone- 320-669-1174

Christopher Balfany                                                               Drainage and Land Use Inspector


Emergency Management 
415 9th Ave, Suite 103, Granite Falls, MN 56241

Phone- 320-313-3095
Fax- 320-313-3087

Casey Namken                                                                       Emergency Management Director


Family Services 
415 9th Ave, Suite 202, Granite Falls, MN 56241

Rae Ann Keeler-Aus                                                               Director
Joshua Enderle
                                                                      Childrens Services Supervisor
Jennifer Knutson                                                                    Adult Services Supervisor
Robin Schoep                                                                         Income Maintenance Supervisor
Brenda Peterson                                                                    Fiscal Supervisor
Amanda Stengel                                                                     Child Support Supervisor

Phone- 320-564-2211
Fax- 320-564-4165

1320 13th Street,  Granite Falls, MN 56241

Office & Shop Phone:  320-313-3000
Fax:  320-564-2140

Position Name Phone E-Mail
County Engineer Jeremy Gilb (Interim)    
Assistant Engineer Dan Moravetz 320-313-3006
Accountant Tabby Niemeyer 320-313-3001
Maintenance Foreman Andy Lee 320-220-2897
Maintenance Mechanic Dave Hillerud 320-313-3008
Engineering Tech      
Engineering Tech  Tony Sather 320-313-3003 


415 9th Ave, Suite 105, Granite Falls, MN 56241

Phone- 320-313-3024

Dennis Pederson                                                                    IT Coordinator 

Alex Estum                                                                             IT Technician



415 9th Ave Suite 108, Granite Falls, MN 56241

Phone- 320-313-3110

Rick Wandersee                                                                    Facilities Manager

Brad Timm                                                                             Maintenance


1320 13th Street,  Granite Falls, MN 56241

Phone:  320-313-3000 or 320-564-3132
Fax:  320-564-2140 or 320-564-3670

Position Name Phone E-Mail
Parks Director Matt Morris 320-226-1440
Hwy Dept Accountant Tabby Niemeyer 320-313-3001

Land and Resource Management Office
1000 10th Ave Suite 2 Clarkfield, MN 56223

Phone- 320-669-7524

Christopher Balfany                                                               Zoning Administrator

Jolene Johnson                                                                      Planning and Zoning Coordinator

Cindy Anderson                                                                     Administrative Assistant


Restorative Justice
415 9th Ave, Suite 107, Granite Falls, MN 56241

Phone- 320-313-3028
Fax- 320-564-3670

Sharon Hendrichs                                                                  Restorative Justice Coordinator

Jessica Jeppesen                                                                   Restorative Justice Assistant


415 9th Ave, Suite 103, Granite Falls, MN 56241

Phone- 320-564-2130
Admin- 320-564-5902
Fax- 320-313-3087

Bill Flaten                                                                                Sheriff

Travis Peterson                                                                     Chief Deputy

Ali Mensink                                                                             Administrative Assistant

Kathy Busack                                                                         Jail Administrator


Veterans Services
180 8th Ave, Granite Falls, MN 56241

Phone- 320-313-3037
Fax- 320-564-0927

Kris Holien                                                                          Veteran’s Officer 




Yellow Medicine County Housing & Redevelopment Authority
629 North 11th St.
Montevideo, MN 56265

Phone- 320-269-6414

Cathy Jakobs                                                                           Executive Director