Child Care Licensing

The agency is responsible for licensing and monitoring family child care homes. If a person is providing child care for more than one family at a time, they are required to be licensed. Child care providers need to follow through with the State regulations for licensure. These rules set limits on the number and ages of children allowed in care, set safety standards, and explain care giver qualifications and training needs. Information about Child Care providers is available to the public. This information consists of the following:

·         Licensure status

·         Variances

·         Complaints and outcomes of those complaints

·         Correction orders issues


Child care licensing rules are defined by the Minnesota Department of Human Services for the State of Minnesota. For more information about the rules regarding child care, see the Child Care Rule, Chapter 9502 of Minnesota Statutes, Sessions Laws and Rules at or retrieve the entire Human Services Licensing Act by visiting and then searching for Chapter 245a. The purpose of these rules is to ensure that minimum levels of care and service are given and the protection, proper care, health, safety, and development of the children are assured.


Legally Unlicensed Child Care:

A person may provide care to any number of children related (a child who is related is defined as a natural or adopted child or stepchild, a stepbrother, a stepsister, a niece, a nephew, or a sibling) and/or provide care to children from one single unrelated family at a time. Minnesota Statute 245A.03, Subd. 1 requires licensure if the above exemptions are not met. Call for a licensing application. A person who has a license suspended, revoked, or denied is prohibited from providing child care.


Child Care Licensing Process:

  • Call the agency child care licensor for information about becoming a licensed child care provider at 320-564-2211.
  • You will be sent the following:
    • Child Care Application
    • Information Packet
    • Fact Sheet
  • The Home Visit:
    • The visit will be scheduled for the applicant interview and the home inspection. The visit may take up to 2.5 hours.
  • The Licensor will send a written list of requirements to be completed following the home visit. Applicant will complete the requirements, sign the form, and return it to the agency. A second home visit may be scheduled for a “re-check” of the requirements.
  • The applications is sent to the Department of Human Services within twenty working days after ALL requirements are completed. The License will be sent to the provider by the Department of Human Services.


Family Child Care Variance: