Real Estate Recording

Recording fee for most documents: $46.00 (No fee for a non-standard document or additional pages).

Multiple Satisfactions, Assignments, and Partial Releases: $46.00 (with 4 document citations or less;
$10.00 additional fee for each document cited over 4).

Certificate of Title (Torrens): $46.00.

Memorial entry on Certificate of Title: $46.00.

Non-certified copies: $ 1.00 per page.

Certified copy fee: $10.00.

Conformed/duplicate copy submitted at time of recording: $2.00.

Well Certificate filing fee: $50.00 (certain documents require the filing of a well certificate).


   -Note: Any questions regarding well certificates can be directed to the MN Department of Health,
    Well Management Division at 651-201-4587 or 800-383-9808
    or visit their website:

Plat Filing: $56.00.

Checks for recording are made payable to Yellow Medicine County.

MRT, Deed Tax, Real Estate Taxes, and Delinquent Taxes are made payable to Yellow Medicine County.

Based on the timing of the transactions, please do not combine the recording fee with any applicable tax items.

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