Adult Foster Care

Program Description

Foster care for adults assists men and women, 18 years of age and older, who are unable to live alone but want to live in a family setting. They may have emotional, physical, developmental, or mental health needs. They may attend school, work, or day programs. The home can provide up to 24 hour supervision for 1 to 4 residents. (5 if caring for elderly residents.) Residents receive meals, support, supervision, and some assistance with personal care and living skills as needed. Adult Foster Care homes are licensed by the State of Minnesota under Rule 203 and Statute 245A.


As an Adult Foster Care provider, it is your responsibility to provide a home-like setting, care, supervision, companionship, and opportunities for the individuals to do as much as possible for themselves. Foster families may request a certain gender, age, and anticipated duration of placement. It is most important that the family is able to provide a safe, nurturing environment.



·         You need to be at least 18 years old

·         The home must be located in Yellow Medicine County

·         You need to have enough income to meet your own needs

·         All household members 13 year old and over must pass a criminal and social service background check

·         Provide 3 positive references from non-relatives

·         Have bedroom space for each resident

·         Complete a home study with the licensor

·         Meet annual training requirements


What types of Adult Foster Care are there?

·         Traditional – The foster care provider lives in the residence and is the primary caregiver to the clients in the home.

·         Corporate – The foster care home is operated by an individual or corporation, usually with shift staff delivering services to the residents. With corporate care, the license holder does not live at the Adult Foster Care residence.



What is the application process?

If you have decided to provide traditional Adult Foster Care, contact the Adult Foster Care Licensing worker at 320-564-2211.