Low Interest Loans Available for Well Replacement and Septic System Installation

Yellow Medicine County has Ag BMP Low Interest Loans available to landowners who need to drill a new well due to the following:

       1.  Contaminated through human activity or is vulnerable to human caused sources of contamination.

       2.  Cracked or collapsed well casing that provides a conduit for groundwater contamination

        3.  Contaminated due to flooding.

        4.   Existing well does not comply with applicable setback requirements from existing or potential contamination source.


Loans are also available for landowners to need to upgrade their non-conforming septic systems.  Criteria is as follows:  1) the septic system must be failing or non-conforming; 2)  Property taxes must be current; 3)  Property value must be in excess of $25,000 by assessor's assessed value.


The interest rate is 3% with a 1/2% origination fee.  Term of the loan is 10 years and the payments are put on your property taxes.   For more information, please contact the Land and Resource Management Office at 320-669-7524.