Yellow Medicine County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff Bill Flaten
415 9th Avenue, Suite 103
Granite Falls, MN   56241
Phone:  320-564-2130
Fax:  320-313-3087
Email: Bill.Flaten@co.ym.mn.gov
Office Hours: 8:00am - 4:00pm
Monday through Friday
Closed on Observed Holidays





Chief Deputy Travis W. Peterson
Phone: 320-313-3094
Email: Travis.Peterson@co.ym.mn.gov

Investigator Casey Namken
Phone: 320-313-3093
Email: Casey.Namken@co.ym.mn.gov

Jail Administrator Kathy Busack
Phone: 320-313-3049
Email: Kathy.Busack@co.ym.mn.gov

Administrative Assistant Ali Mensink
Phone: 320-564-5902
Email: Ali.Mensink@co.ym.mn.gov

In addition to the Sheriff’s Office, there are police departments in Canby, Granite Falls, and the Upper Sioux Community. The Sheriff's Office contracts with the City of Clarkfield for Law Enforcement Services. Granite Falls is the County seat.

The Sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer in the County. The Sheriff is an elected official serving a four year term. The Sheriff’s Office provides policing services to 21 townships covering 758 square miles. 

The Sheriff’s Office staff consists of 10 full-time sworn officers, 2 part-time deputies, 14 full-time correction staff and one full-time office associate.

*Uniform Patch Requests - The Sheriff's Office receives numerous requests from throughout the world for uniform patches.  For security purposes, the YMC Sheriff's uniform patch will only be issued to authorized employees of the sheriff's office.  The Yellow Medicine County Sheriff's Office uniform patch is not available to the public and is not available for purchase.

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